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You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. ~ Paul Sweeney

Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Stay With Me by Garret Freymann-Weyr


When her half sister commits suicide, sixteen-year-old Leila Abranel has only one question: why? That question sets Leila on a journey toward discovery, uncertainty, and love.


Leila Abranel is the youngest in her family. Her father is in his seventies and her mother is a little younger than him, while her two half-sisters, Clare and Rebecca, are in their thirties.

Leila is a dyslexic teenager who is forced by her parents to act older and more mature. The only person her age she hangs out with, is her boyfriend Ben, who is becoming less of a boyfriend and more of a mistake.

When Rebecca kills herself, Leila, who has a hard time figuring out the meaning of words in books because of her dyslexia, is having an even harder time trying to figure out why her sister killed herself without saying goodbye to her.

As Leila tries to unravel the mystery, her family starts to fall apart. Her parents become even more distant, and Clare, the sister she thought didn't love her, becomes her best friend. But even in death, Rebecca still haunts Leila's life. Soon, Leila becomes obsessed with finding out her sister's secrets and that's how she meets Eamon.

The two flirt from time to time, but when things in Leila's life start getting more confusing, the two find themselves gravitating towards each other. And once they kiss, they know that they can not stay away from each other.

Eamon is 31 and Leila is 16.

A lot of people cringe when they see couples who share a significant age difference, but as I was reading this, I wanted Eamon and Leila to stay together. I just felt like these two characters belonged together and after a while, I forgot that Eamon was 15 years older than Leila. I liked their conversations. The way they looked at life.

I finished this book in two nights, because I simply could not put it down. The words that the author used fit together perfectly, and some of the things that Leila said hit me. It's a powerful read and I highly recommend it.

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